Roofing Expectations

If you are like most of our customers, this is probably your first experience with roofing and you’re wondering what to expect. Like most construction projects, you may experience some inconvenience created by equipment and debris, but at the end of each day the premises will be cleaned and left in an organized manner.

Roof Removal

If a tear-off to open sheathing is involved during the roofing process, covering or removing valuables stored in the attic and the garage is a good idea since dirt and debris may filter down into this area. General Roofing Company is not responsible for these items or clean up of the attic or garage area.

Roof Repairs

There are two types of repair jobs. One type is a scheduled repair where the customer is given a specific date (weather permitting). Repairs are also performed on a stand-by basis, which means we will complete them as the weather and time permits. A door hanger informing you that we have been to your home, including any applicable comments will be placed on the front door when the job is finished. Your estimator will discuss with you what the best type of repair suits your job.

Start Date

Your representative will give you an approximate start date before or after you sign your contract. Generally, one or two days prior to commencing work the scheduling department will call to confirm an exact start date and time of arrival. Crews can start as early as 8 a.m. and work until 5 p.m., but this can change depending on various circumstances. If you desire more advanced notice or you have an exact date that the job must be started, contact our scheduling department or make arrangements with your representative.


Keep driveway clear so that we may have direct access to the work area. Your contract price was figured utilizing access to the driveway for our trucks, i.e. for roof removal, loading of materials and periodic removal of debris. Initially, access is necessary around the entire home. After the tear-off process (if applicable) access from the front is usually all that is necessary.

Usage of an electrical outlet is required during the job. If that is not possible, please let us know prior to starting your job.

Wiring & Air Conditioning Lines

Electrical, telephone, security and air conditioning lines should not be installed directly underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we must be notified immediately. We can’t be responsible for the puncture of improperly installed lines or lines within three inches of the roof deck.


General Roofing Company is not responsible for wire breakage or poor reception.

Solar Panels

Arrangements to remove and replace solar panels are the sole responsibility of the owner.

Personal Care

Every care is given to protect the perimeter of the residence during the roofing process.

If there is an area of concern that requires special attention such as bushes, flowers, lawn, driveways, and yard furniture, be sure to let our staff know prior to the commencement of the job. If you have low hanging branches over your roof, some trimming may be necessary. Our employees will only cut those limbs that limit our ability to do an efficient and workmanlike job. In some cases, you may prefer to have the tree(s) trimmed by professionals before we begin our work. If you have children or pets, please note where they are and let the workers know if they will be around the work area, as children may not notice hazards. Safety is a major concern for General Roofing Company.

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